Supporting the Center

The  Vimalakirti Center depends on the generosity of each and everyone in order to exist. One way of supporting the center financially is by paying the Sfr. 100.- yearly fee to become a member or by becoming a donor and donating the amount that you see fit.

Another possibility is to make a monthly contribution towards paying the rent.

All donations can be made to the  ccp  17-545847-4 of the Vimalakirti Center, 18 rue Albert-GOS, CH-1206 Genève.

We thank you in advance for whatever you are able to contribute to enable the teachings to continue.

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28feb19 h 30 min- 21 h 15 minSoirée de méditation avec enseignement


25mar - 26jour entierWeek-end de méditation et enseignement Ariya Baumann 25 et 26 mars


8apr - 9apr 810 h 30 minapr 9Week-end de Présence du Geste avec Charles