Suggested Reading List :

Bhante Gunaratana :

– Mindfulness in Plain English

– the Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness

Sayadaw U Pandita :

-In This Very Life: The Liberation Teachings of the Buddha

The State of Mind Called Beautiful

Ajahn Chah :

– Being Dharma: The Essence of the Buddha’s Teachings

U Silananda :

– The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Nyanaponika Thera :

The Heart of Buddhist Meditation

Bhikkhu Bodhi:

– The Noble Eightfold Path

Walpola Rahula:

– What the Buddha Taught


Suttas: The Discourses of the Buddha (Commentaries)

Nyanaponika Thera tr.:

Anguttara Nikaya: An Anthology

Bhikkhu Bodhi tr. :

The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A New Translation of the Samyutta Nikaya

– In the Buddha’s Words: An Anthology of Discourses form the Pali Canon

Bhikkhu Nanamoli & Bhikkhu Bodhi tr. :

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: A New Translation of the Majjhima Nikaya

Gil Fronsdal tr.

– The Dhammapada

——————————————————————————————————————- :

Joseph Goldstein:

– The Experience of Insight

– Insight Meditation:  The Practice of Freedom

– Seeking the Heart of Wisdom (with Jack Kornfield) –

One Dharma: The Emerging Western Buddhism

Jack Kornfield:

– A path with Heart

– Seeking the Heart of Wisdom (with Joseph Goldstein)

Sharon Salzberg :

– The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

– Faith : Trusting your own deepest experience

Christina Feldman:

– The Buddhist Path to Simplicity

– The Way of Meditation

Stephen Batchelor:

– Alone with Others

– The Faith to Doubt

– The Awakening of the West

– Verses from the Centre : a Buddhist Vision of the Sublime.

Rodney Smith :

– Lessons from the Dying

Sylvia Boorstein : I

– It’s Easier Than You Think

– Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There

– Pay Attention for Goodness Sake

Jon Kabat-Zinn:

– Wherever You Go : There You are :Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life